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FAQ (Being a Featured Donor on Tehondisan Channel)

Hey! we truly appreciate you supporting our videos! We wanted to try to reward those who do by including them in the outro of our videos!

How do I donate to you? What is the process?

You can donate via Cash App ($Tehondi) -- via Paypal or via purchasing an item off Tehondi's Amazon Wishlist. Make sure when sending the money, mention the name (or nickname) you want to go by when we place you in the donation outro spot of a future video. Names must be appropriate. Its a high chance we might not contact you back about it. We simply keep track of the names, donation amounts and make sure to add them to our next videos! The reason being is that it will be too time consuming if we did. We work full time jobs outside of Youtube.

Does purchasing Merch or Music online qualify me as well?

It's kind of tricky! We want to say yes but it would make it too difficult for us to keep track of. For example with Merch, if a shirt is $20, I only get a portion of that. Then also, it takes a while to process it and a person could easily return it. With music, it can take up to 3 months to see the actual purchase of music made by someone. So its no way to double check it in a timely manner. So in the end we have to say no but please don't let that discourage you from buying merch or music! It still helps a lot and is appreciated truly <3. Buying Merch & Music is probably what's going to help us the most for buying equipment and travel! Thanks for understanding!

Donated, but haven't seen my name in the outro of a video yet?

I would say please try to be patient as it could be due to a couple things: We might have a backlog of people, We might not have seen it on time before uploading a video and will add it to the next one, or you might have missed it in a previous video we did. If we get more than 5 latest donors, we will create multiple list within 1 outro of a video to display them all (up to 20 people could be seen). Best way to contact me is via my IG page @ Tehondisan.

Can my donation be anonymous?

Yes! Just mention that when sending it. Please note, it is still possible to make a TOP 5 spot if your anonymous donation beats out someone in the top 5.

Can I be featured multiple times as a donor?

Of course! Each time you donate, you will be featured. But please do not purposely split up your donations into *very small amounts* so that you can be featured endless amounts of times. Its a chance it could annoy us and we will just combine them into 1 feature. Now if the donations are substantial enough, then that will not be the case! But wouldn't it be cooler to just combine them into 1 donation to secure that Top 5 spot? :)