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About Me (Short & Long Version)

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Two Sentence Bio:

Tehondi (Teh-hon-dee) is a positive Hip-Hop artist based out of Chicago. His style consist of mixing hard hitting beats and ear catching hooks with powerful thought-provoking, self-empowering lyrics to create truly uplifting hip-hop music.

Short Version: 

Tehondi (Teh-hon-dee) is a positive Hip-Hop artist based out of Chicago. His style consist of mixing hard hitting beats and ear catching hooks with powerful thought-provoking, self-empowering lyrics to create truly uplifting hip-hop music. He has dropped 2 albums so far, titled “Become The Savior” (2014) & “Hiatus Days Over” (2018.) Tehondi has dropped multiple records for 2019 thus far. Stop Talkin’, Anew, Ride The Wave, Believe & Walk Back

Long Version:

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Terrence, or as he is known in the industry, Tehondi (Teh-hon-dee), is a true poet and independent Hip-Hop artist based out of Chicago. Growing up in a rough neighborhood, Tehondi’s life was a constant barrage of combating bullies, escaping the gang-violence which poisoned the streets, and lamenting his poverty stricken community. The negativity and hatred he experienced every day sparked a dream within him. Tehondi wanted to find a way to build a social movement. He began to walk a new path and seek a better understanding of human nature and connectivity. He knew that one could not wait for a hero to save the day, he had to be the one to bring about the change he wanted to see.

So Tehondi turned to poetry to express his thoughts. It became his outlet, his tool, and his weapon. He competed twice in Chicago’s largest poetry competition “Louder Than A Bomb” and received rave feedback. After high school Tehondi turned to music to help enforce his art. Much like his poetry, his music was driven by the sorrow he felt and his desire to escape the violent world around him. But that negative desire grew into a beacon of hope. Tehondi decided to turn his pain into something positive; something that could help make the world a better place. His goal was to make music that let the people who feel unwanted and discarded know that they aren't alone. His movement’s main message it to encourage people to take action in their lives and not just be a victim of their circumstances.

In 2014 he released his debut album “Become The Savior”, an album focused on providing positive messages and abstract thoughts utilizing hard-hitting trap style beats. Notable tracks from the album include “Find A Reason”, “Won”, and “Die A King Not A Savage”. On July 7th, 2015 he released his single “Pain (I Wanna Live)”. Exactly 2 years later he released his latest single "Acquitted (No Justice)"; a song expressing his discomfort and conflictions with the police and justice system. Being 4 years since his 1st album release, Tehondi released his sophomore album "Hiatus Days Over" on September 28th, 2018. It is an album he best describes as his journey of building a winner mentality & detailing the struggles he faces trying to dominate the world. “It’s do or die” according to the performer. He released several singles leading up to the album such “Tehondi-San”, “Pay the Price”, and “The Jungle.”

Tehondi has dropped multiple records for 2019 thus far. Stop Talkin’, Anew, Ride The Wave, Believe & Walk Back. He is pushing himself to his limits in all sectors to reach new heights and to ultimately be capable of releasing his highly anticipated 3rd album… Truth Ain’t Dead. Tehondi is creating a solid musical catalog that mixes hard hitting beats and ear catching hooks, with his fast flowing and motivational lyrics to create truly uplifting hip-hop music

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Prod. by Tumasyan Musik

Prod. by Tumasyan Musik // Cover art by Tehondi

About the Song: Personally calling it his “best record to date”, Tehondi’s “Believe” is a motivational song encouraging to people to not be afraid to leave their comfort zones to chase their dreams. While the world may look at you as strange and crazy, don’t let that stop you from wanting to reach new heights in life. Others find comfort in staying on the surface level, but not us! It is a very poetic, hard hitting song that has a beautiful hook sung by Poetic-Lee of the band 8:33. “They’ll always count you out when you choose to be the change // To be more comes with pressure, the pain & the rain steady pours so hard you can’t contain // We came here angels, life breaks our wings. “This is a song i wish I could of listen to as a kid… it would of got through so many tough times.” - Tehondi

April 26th, 2019 Press Release: Stop Talkin’ (Ft. JAY$ON)

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Prod. by Abstrakt Beatz

About the Song: On his epic journey to drop 1 amazing song every week for the rest of 2019, Chicago native Tehondi has just released STOP TALKIN’ (Ft. JAY$ON) on all major streaming platforms. This song describes the frustrations of dealing with people who always CLAIM their going to do great things but never actually do them. Who constantly ask you for the same advice every year knowing full well they won’t actually utilize it. “SHUT UP! SHUT UP! YOU JUST TALKING” blazing over the hook will have everybody relating and others feeling exposed/guilty. The instrumentation has a hard hitting trap vibe with dark energy produced by Abstrakt Beatz. “Everybody love to talk about shit. Put em to the test they shut they mouth quick.”

Prod. by Abstrakt Beatz // Cover art/animation by Tehondi

About the Song: This dark yet beautiful trap song talks about the Tehondi's desire to escape the world he's been born into and to instead start "anew". He breaks down his sad past and how its motivated him to find a way out by all means. He is abandoning his family and leaving everyone behind as no one truly understands him and honestly... they never will. The flutes in this track (Prod. By Abstrakt) give off such a crazy alien vibe which really fits the theme of Tehondi feeling alienated from the world he lives in. “I don’t care for your traditions. Or believe in your religions // Closed mouths don’t get fed well closed minds don’t get enrichment.”

Prod. by Omnibeats // Cover art by Tehondi

About the Song: “Tech N9ne” is a song by Tehondi paying homage to the biggest independent rapper in the world, Tech N9ne, and his desire to be great like him. Tehondi spits several hardcore witty bars across this record and even manages to cleverly name drop all of Tech N9ne’s albums within his 2 verses on the song.

September 28th, 2018 Press Release: Hiatus Days Over Album Release

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Notable Media Mentions

This year alone, Tehondi has received press on RhymeHipHop, OK-Tho, Imagela Powers, The Music Butcher and Urban Vault UK

“This new song displays Tehondi’s skills on the mic. In all aspects of the track Tehondi has a great presence; his bars, his chorus, and his energy all are very impressive. The track is all about his grind and how badly he wants to be successful. He questions the listener if they are willing to pay the price to become successful like he has. If anything, you have to respect the hustle of this young artist. This latest track is a great listen and we are very excited to see what else Tehondi has in store for us next.” (RhymeHipHop in reference to Pay the Price single: )

" His verses tell his own stories of struggle and determination that has brought him to where he is today. This is a classic head-bobbing hip-hop track that can play in the streets, and also has deeper intellectual meaning." (The Music Butcher in reference to Pay the Price single:

Notable Lyric Quotes By Tehondi

- "Sometimes in life, you can’t just sit around and wait for a hero. Eventually you’ll have to rise up… and become the savior." (Become The Savior)

- "I speak peace why hate on me?" (Won)

- "I know I’m not insane yawl just afraid to take the challenge of questioning everything you’ve been told/sold." (Hokage)

- "I realized one day, that true strength comes from the actions and the words you say." (Tryna Do Right)

- "They tryna tell me where I can go, but they can’t wear my shoes though. I refuse to be like you that’s why I paved my own road." (Find A Reason)

- "Tryna start a chain reaction. Fuck a reaction just take action. // Cause if you choose to do nothing, then nothing will ever happen." (Just You)

- "I’m building my future. Uh. Thinking like Martin Luther. Yea. But when you tryna save the world, somebodies gonna shoot ya." [Pain (I Wanna Live)]

- "Where the good cops at? Are you good? Tell the truth. // If you ain’t speaking out against the bad then you are bad too." [Acquitted (No Justice)]

"I got student loans lowkey though they not for college yo // Took some bands out for the album so, yea I’m worst then broke but I feel like the goat"{Pay the Price}

Opportunities I snatch them bitches up like lose squares // Tryna get my net worth looking like Jay Z and Blue yea. [95]

Nah I come from the illi where these hitters are Hitler's // (Yes I’m) Yes I’m anti-savage I'm pro kings lets go build them. [James Forten]

Can’t waste time counting sheep no // My dreams are 6’7 but my life is 5’3 though. [Call You Later]

Woah things are heating up for me so, they wanna leave me cold // They don’t wanna grow so I gotta go, gotta stay low. Tryna get high not get smoked.             [The Jungle]

Tryna do right for me. Cause no one can live this life but me // Seen a lot of dark times with no light to see but imma keep my head high like an apostrophe       \[Proud of Me]

You ain’t quick enough Tehondi-san the flash. (The Flash) // Talking Barry Allen, talking cameras, Imma snap. Talking Bruce Banner it’s just marvelous the way I rap [Tehondi-San]