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What is 'Become The Savior'?

The phrase Become The Savior was started by Tehondi with his 2014 hip hop album release of the same name. Having a 'Become The Savior' mindset simply means "To rely on yourself to bring fourth the positive change you want to see in yourself and in your community. One cannot just wait for a hero to save the day." It is a powerful mindset to have because it forces you to become more independent, ambitious and to have a larger sense of urgency compared to others who are comfortable with waiting their entire lives to see change. The BTS mindset makes you solely responsible for uplifting your life, thus making you more aware of the massive potential you wield. It will not only encourage you, but also those around you to obtain a higher level of self. Again, BTS is a mindset; it is not meant to be a organization or associated with any type of religion. There is no 'leader' of this mindset movement and there should never be one (Tehondi is simply the creator). The creation and meaning of 'Become The Savior' is rooted solely in spiritually, but it can be applied in many different ways. The original logo was designed by Tehondi himself and the character seen on it is symbolized to be saving himself

How do I join the movement?

Its simple! Just focus on incorporating this mindset into your daily life so that it becomes natural to you! Feel free to represent it by buying some official Become The Savior clothing merch!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the BTS mindset anti-religious?

No. While BTS is rooted solely in spirituality, it is very possible (and beneficial) to incorporate it into your religious beliefs. This makes obvious sense since religions already incorporate a lot of aspects of spirtuality in themselves. The 'savior' in Become the Savior is intended to be synonymous with 'change' or 'hero'; not with 'god' (at least not directly). In terms of spirituality, to associate the 'savior' aspect of BTS with a certain 'god' is, in itself, putting one at risk of losing the core of what Become The Savior is; which is to actively be the leader of your own life. If one holds even a substantial amount of dependency on their 'god' for change then they are truly not 'becoming the savior (hero)'. So is Become The Savior anti-religious? No, but what it does do is challenge religious people in the sense that it requires one to depend on one's self and not a "god" to bring forth the change they want to see in the world. Prayer does nothing outside of sending positive energy. Positive energy by itself does not equate to real change as it usually requires real actions. There are plenty religious people who have no issues with that and would also agree its a great mindset to have. We all have had moments where thoughts & prayers were literally all we could offer, but the extreme majority of times, that is not the case. There are also many religious people who are unable to let go of their dependency on their god (and out of fear oppose anything that challenges it), which simply means BTS cannot work for them. 

What if someone misrepresents the movement?

With all great things, there will always be those who misunderstand, misuse or even purposely twist a positive thing into something terrible. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done outside of attempting to correct them of their wrong doing and informing society that their actions do not reflect the true meaning of BTS. What is great about the BTS movement is that there are no leaders. It is simply a mentality to apply to the world. Anyone who claims they are leading it in any type of way (outside of soley leading themselves) clearly does not have a true grasp of the BTS mentality movement.

What lead to the creation of 'Become The Savior'?

As a kid, ever since the passing of my father, i had always had a fickle relationship with religion. I could not fathom how a god who is meant to be all loving and caring would steal my father away from me. My entire family line is rooted in Christianity. They speak the gospel, yet in their everyday lives there was nothing but negativity and hate; except on Sundays when they went to church together.  I was bullied a lot as a kid and as i continued to ask God for help, I never received any. It made me depressed, sometimes even angry. What did I do to deserve this? My household was a extremely negative so it was a unhappy place for me everyday. I often stayed outside as much as possible just to try to avoid it. At one point I straight out revealed that i felt like killing myself. The response? "Well if you do your going to hell." That blew me away because even at that age I knew how horrible of a response that was. My uncle even called in to mediate the situation, only to also back up the statement. Everywhere was depressing for me honesty. I was always wandering around life trying to find a light of hope. Growing up i always felt different and i didn't know exactly why. There was so much in life that was encouraging me to give up on everything, but i was determined to show the world how great i can become despite how messed up it was to me. I wanted to show god that even if he would not help, I would simply help myself and become great on my own. i wanted to inspire others that were in the same place as me that they can break free too. I was quickly becoming more independent over time and openly seeking my own path in life. I realized my self worth and all of the potential that I held. it was the inspiration that lead me to excelling pass everyone who put me down in the past. I did not have it all figured out immediately because i was just a kid of course. There were many early 'versions' that ultimately built up to Become The Savior. Reality Spitters, Visionaire, 9KEN: Mindset of Peace, Unlock Your Mind (I'm sure there are more I just can't remember. In the process of putting together my 1st album in 2014... I solidified what even till this day... i desire to be remembered for; if anything at all. Become The Savior.