Tehondi || Downtown Chicago || Shot By Julian Graham  (Full Gallery @ Facebook.com/Tehondi)

Tehondi || Downtown Chicago || Shot By Julian Graham (Full Gallery @ Facebook.com/Tehondi)

Terrence "Tehondi" Dillon

Terrence Dillon, or as he is known in the industry, Tehondi (Teh-hon-dee), is a true poet and independent Hip-Hop artist based out of Chicago. Growing up in a rough neighborhood, Tehondi’s life was a constant barrage of combating bullies, escaping the gang-violence which poisoned the streets, and lamenting his poverty stricken community. The negativity and hatred he experienced every day sparked a dream within him. Tehondi wanted to find a way to build a social movement. He began to walk a new path and seek a better understanding of human nature and connectivity. He knew that one could not wait for a hero to save the day, he had to be the one to bring about the change he wanted to see.

So Tehondi turned to poetry to express his thoughts. It became his outlet, his tool, and his weapon. He competed twice in Chicago’s largest poetry competition “Louder Than A Bomb” and received rave feedback. After high school Tehondi turned to music to help enforce his art. Much like his poetry, his music was driven by the sorrow he felt and his desire to escape the violent world around him. But that negative desire grew into a beacon of hope. Tehondi decided to turn his pain into something positive; something that could help make the world a better place. His goal was to make music that let the people who feel unwanted and discarded know that they aren't alone. His movement’s main message it to encourage people to take action in their lives and not just be a victim of their circumstances.

In 2014 he released his debut album “Become The Savior”, an album focused on providing positive messages and abstract thoughts utilizing hard-hitting trap style beats. Notable tracks from the album include “Find A Reason”, “Won”, and “Die A King Not A Savage”. On July 7th, 2015 he released his single “Pain (I Wanna Live)”. Exactly 2 years later he released his latest single "Acquitted (No Justice)"; a song expressing his discomfort and conflictions with the police and justice system.

Tehondi is creating a solid musical catalog that mixes hard hitting beats and ear catching hooks, with his fast flowing and motivational lyrics to create truly uplifting hip-hop music. Being nearly 4 years since his 1st album release, Tehondi has finally announced that his sophomore album "Hiatus Days Over" will be released September 28th, 2018. An album he best describes as his journey of building a winner mentality & the struggles he faces trying to dominate the world. “It’s do or die” according to the performer. Leading up to the album, Tehondi released 4 singles: Tehondi-San, 95, Call You Later (with a lyric video) & The Jungle. HDO is now available on all major music platforms!


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